Calling all emotional (smart) business owners – Your Business is NOT your Baby!

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur or freelancer?

Great! Read on…

SPOILER ALERT:  I’m writing this email with a big dollop of “Tough Love” for you Donna because if your business finances are not working the way you want them to, I’m not going to give you the sugar-coated-version.

I’m committed to doing what it takes to have you TRANSFORM your Money situation in your Business and your Life.

As a Business Owner, it’s easy to get EMOTIONAL about Business decisions, especially when a business is “Your Baby” and Passion and Dream.

What I am sharing with you today is not tactics or strategy.

What I am sharing with you is Philosophy and Energy and a way of approaching business and a MINDSET that makes a business work.

This I know for sure.

I have been an entrepreneur for 25 years. I started my first business when I was 19. I’ve run 5 of my own companies.
Two were beautifully successful. I started, built and sold them.
Two were complete disasters and I closed them.

And this Fairy Godmother business I have run for 14 years. It’s my passion and purpose, and I’ve made tons of mistakes and learned a lot along the way!

I find that way too many Entrepreneurs – especially female business owners, freelancers or solopreneurs – treat their businesses as “children” to be nurtured and looked after.

They don’t make the empowering or “tough love” decisions needed to make the business stand on its own two feet.

Your role as a Mother of a Child is very different from being the Owner of a Business. Many women business owners confuse this.

It is one of the most common business mistakes that I see when working with my students.

As a mother, it is your job to nurture, serve, be responsible for, take care of and look after your child in a way that is very “selfless” with very little energy return coming from the child.

The nature and essence of the Parent/ Child relationship is that the Mother is Selfless, and the Child is Selfish. The life force energy flows in one direction from the older generation into the younger generation.   

The Mother is the Giver, and the Child is the Receiver.

Now, this is NOT true for a business.

Yet, many female business owners – and some men too – get caught up in being “selfless” in their business. They give and give and give and don’t receive and then a few years later look around and wonder:

  1. Why is it not working?
  2. Why am I energetically depleted?
  3. Why are the finances f%#ked?

And then they think THEY are a failure.  


The energy exchange and flows in the business were merely set-up incorrectly.

In a Business, there needs to be FAIR EXCHANGE.

Otherwise, the energy (and particularly the money energy) doesn’t flow correctly in the business, and all sorts of nonsense occurs.

There needs to be fair exchange between:

1. The Business and its Clients – you fairly exchange your products and services at a price that works for your client AND most importantly works for your business and is PROFITABLE. 

2. The Business and its Suppliers – you buy services and products from your suppliers based on fair exchange.

3. The Business and its Employees – your staff, need to be compensated fairly for the work they put into the business.

This includes YOU being paid for working “IN” the business.   When you are working in your business you are actually an employee of the company.

4. The Business and it’s Owners – the owners need to be compensated by the company (from profits) for having started the business, put in the initial capital and for taking the risk. In this case, you are also the Business Owner.

Perhaps you have some business problems or weak areas like marketing or sales or staffing or product range or finances.

As a business owner, you will need to be learning, growing and up-levelling ALL the time. That’s the nature of having your own business.

It’s like a personal development journey on steroids.

However, I find when I work with woman business owners that the BIGGER issue is a Business Mindset Issue that needs to be resolved first.

It’s this issue that causes the money flows in your business to be strange and filled with struggle because there isn’t FAIR exchange happening.

This occurs because you have set-up the energy of “selfless sacrifice” and “being a mother” to your “baby”(business)… instead of being a

  1. Business Owner Running a Business
  2.  An Employee working in a business.

Until you sort out the “Fair Exchange” and energy and money flows in your business even if you improve your Marketing or Sales or Staffing or “product issues” it probably won’t help because the money will still flow weirdly in your business and you won’t be making money or be profitable.

When I work with Business Owners during my Financial Flow for Entrepreneurs Course we can quickly identify the BIG fundamental problems like >>

1.  You are not attracting the correct, profitable clients. Perhaps you don’t even know who the right client is?

2.  You are not pricing for profitability. You don’t have the correct pricing that takes into account your stock, fixed costs, variable costs, your rent, your salary, your time, and any other expenses you may have.

3.  You are not paying yourself for working in the business. You and your salary need to be priced into your products. At some stage, you will get resentful if you aren’t paid properly, and the business will suffer as a result.

The purpose of this email is to help you start thinking like a Business Owner rather than a Selfless Mother.

These issues  – e.g. pricing, profitability, the right clients, the systems for the way money flows in your business, having the right money mindset –  I help you you to resolve in your business through my Financial Flow for Entrepreneurs program – which starts next week Monday 20 January.

It is a 7-week, online program to help you create a thriving, profitable business that gives you joy and fulfilment no matter what the current economy is doing.

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I’m so excited to be using my knowledge and teaching to help you with making empowered decisions for your business.

Business is meant to be fun, enjoyable and filled with financial flow, and I’d love to show you how.

Yours in Giving and Receiving Equally in Fairy Exchange
aka Your Fairy Godmother


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The 5 Money Mistakes Most Business Owners Make (and how to Avoid them)

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