Manifesting your Dream Home

Getting clear on your Dreams & Goals and Manifesting them with Ease is one of the things I have taught over 17 000 people since 2005.

Why is it that sometimes you can manifest things quickly and effortlessly and other times, it can feel hard and like a struggle?

My students often ask these questions:

“Should I be specific or general with your Dreams & Goals?

Which is better?”

“And what happens if my partner or spouse isn’t on board with what I want?”

These are some questions I was asked recently on one of my Private Webinars for my Dreams & Goals with Soul program.

And so I thought I’d share this quick 6 minute with you to give you some answers too.

It’s a little story about how I turned my effort, struggle and tears about Manifesting my Dream Home into creating my idyllic, country house that makes Geoff and I pinch ourselves with glee every morning when we wake up.

In this video I share the small shift that made a BIG difference.

Watch the Video Now

I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether getting specific or being general works for you and what you have been manifesting recently.

What has been easy for you to manifest and what has been hard?

Please leave your comments here under the Video.



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