Arabic Lessons for Manifesting your Dreams

A couple of weeks ago I was in Dubai – exploring the city and having meetings about how to expand Fairy Godmother magic.

As one does when travelling, I learned some Arabic words:

“Shukran“ = Thank you
“sabaan alkyhayr” = Good Morning

There is one phrase that has inspired this email, which is: “Inshallah” – if it is God’s will.

Whenever you utter a desire or a wish or something that you want, another person will say “InShallah” in response.

As an example: I was having lunch with Taimur, one of my Dubai students, and he asked me about my personal Dreams and Goals and intention to grow my work.

“I have a global vision for my work”, I replied,  “I always have. And I’d love to have my work spread even more internationally.”

And Taimur responded “InShallah” – “If it is the will of God”

I find this response fascinating, especially from a manifesting perspective, because I certainly believe that there are 2 wills –

Your personal will AND

Divine Will  (or the will of God/ Allah/ the Universe/ Life etc.)

When you are manifesting BOTH of these wills need to align to manifest what you want.

This is one of the reasons why in my Dreams & Goals with Soul program, I help people get connected and aligned to their Dreams and Goals at a Soul Level.

In the process of manifesting I teach about everything happening in “Divine Timing” and this is exactly what “InShallah” is saying.

Things will happen only through you and your will if it is also aligned to the will of the Divine.

There is this amazing tension in manifesting between: “What I want/ My Dreams/ My Goals/ My Will” and the ability to have Infinite Patience with what the Divine wants to move through you at any given time.

In my book, I shared that all the Masters like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses knew this:

That Infinite Patience equals Instantaneous Manifestation

But in our world of “quick-fixes”, “fast-consumerism”, “stress-and-pushing-to-make-things-happen” and the “me-me-me now-now-now economy”;  Infinite Patience, EASE with your current reality and Divine Timing are foreign concepts.

This is one of the reasons why I will soon be opening up my Dreams & Goals with Soul Program for a new enrollment:  to help you immerse yourself in these concepts, to create the life you truly desire and to experience bringing more ease and flow into your life. –  “InShallah”!


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