What Sex and Money have in Common

This is a juicy topic so let’s get straight into it…

1. Sex and Money are both TABOO subjects in our society.

Yet they are everywhere and in your face. As you drive to work, sexy billboards try to sell you stuff and you deal with money daily.

Sex and Money are the “big secret” that no one speaks about.

And because we don’t speak about them – we don’t know if we’re doing it right.

We “hope” we are, but we sort of fumble our way through and wonder why we aren’t getting the full satisfaction from either.

Like sex, money can be enriching and satisfying when you know how to do it right and how to work it.

I don’t teach about sex, but I do teach about money.

So, if you want a glimpse into whether you are doing it right,

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2. Sex and Money are both BETTER when you’re in a deep Relationship

When you’re in an intimate, committed relationship with a partner the sex is deeper, sweeter and more meaningful.

It’s the same with money.

You’re actually in a relationship with money and the more intimate and committed you are in this financial relationship, the more you’ll build your ease, confidence and fun with money.

How do you get intimate and committed to money?

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P.S. One of the other things that sex and money have in common is that they cause a lot of trouble with your relationship partner if you can’t talk about them or resolve issues around them.

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