Your Soul Guides you. Listen. ✨

“My Soul Lights up when I…”

This is one of the exercises I always recommend as a first step to shifting your life.

Write down a long list of what makes your soul light up and choose 1 or 2 things from the list to do daily.  Watch how your life radically shifts.

As you do the things that make your soul light up, the soulful, abundant and expansive energy permeates into the rest of your life.  Try it!

Last week I was invited by one of my students to attend Soul Art Day and WOW, it lit my soul on fire.  (Even though I have no idea how to paint.)

Antoinette Bishop is a traditional artist – take a look at her art here – and also a facilitator of deep, soul insights through a process called Soul Art and Body Mapping.  

I had not met Antoinette in person before. She had done my online Money Magic program in 2018, because she wanted to shift out of the story of being a “struggling artist” and into doing the art she loves and making great money doing it.  

Antoinette has already shifted so much of her money anxiety and nonsense and this Soul Art Day was another powerful step into living her abundant dreams.   

I’m so proud to be her financial Fairy Godmother.

Take a look at these pics of our Soul Art Day.

The Opening Circle…

In the Middle of the process… 

We even had the serendipity of a Peacock curiously checking out what we were doing…

Living your Dreams, doing what you love and having your finances sorted is possible – even if you’re an artist, healer, teacher or just plain “not good with numbers”.  

Like Antoinette, you need to follow the things that make your Soul Light Up and take the simple steps to learn how to work with money.


A few weeks ago I asked you what Money Questions you would ask me.    

Well, the good news is that last week – at my quirky, country home – my videographer Abigail Klopper came to play for 2 days.  

And we recorded some AWESOME Free Money Training videos for you.
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Abigail is AMAZING and if you ever need a photographer or videographer – I can’t recommend her highly enough!     Click here to check her out >>

Plus in July she will be working in the UK and Europe – so if you need a photographer or videographer, she’s your lady 😉




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