Moving to the Country – Gonna eat me a lot of peaches 🍑️🎶

There is a strange little song from the ‘90’s with the chorus “Moving to the Country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches”. It has been buzzing around my head for the past few weeks because my partner Geoff and I have just moved into a Dream Home in the Country.

Yep, we have left the city and moved to Riebeek West – a magnificent, wine-growing region about an hour out of Cape Town.

From every window of this house we look out onto mountains, vineyards and beautiful natural country side.

Sunrises and Sunsets have become a daily celebration and being surrounded by nature rejuvenates me at a body-mind-soul level.

It feels like a Giant, Blissful Exhale.

This was an idea that has been brewing for us for a few years and in February, when we put our focused attention on it, within a few weeks we manifested the most perfect, quirky, magical house on a 3000 square metre piece of land.

If you’re curious, the pictures are at the bottom of this email…

If you’ve done my Dreams & Goals with Soul Program – you’ll know about the power of having a dream and putting your focused attention on it and the delight in the journey of manifesting a dream into reality.

If you’re on my 7 Levels of Abundance Program – you’ll understand the significance of us manifesting this home, closely connected to nature and the earth in the month that we are focusing on the grounding and rooting energy of the Root Chakra.

If you’ve done my Money Magic Program – let me tell you that living in the country is a great money saving option, leaving us with way more money to invest and put into assets that make our money work for us.

I know that living in the country is not for everyone, but the point of this email is to remind you that WHATEVER your dreams and goals are, they have power.

They are beautiful whispers from your soul to guide you in the direction of your greatest joy and your greatest potential.

Honour your Dreams and Goals and follow them, because when they come true (like this one just has for me) you’ll be hugging yourself with delight.

Here are some pictures…

Our first sunset from our back garden. Can you see how big our grins are?

Our Magical Stone House

Oh my…. what a Bath!

The View from our Kitchen Patio over the Mountains for Sunset.

Full Moon Rising from our Top Bedroom Balcony.

I haven’t eaten any peaches yet, but I have been eating the fresh lemons, guavas and olives from the trees growing on our land and they are delicious!



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