Heart-Centered, Divinely-Connected and Paying the Bills

12 Women. 1 Weekend. Amazing Shifts.
We laughed. We cried. We ate delicious, vegetarian feasts. We yoga-d. We
meditated. We shared deeply.

This past weekend I facilitated the Body-Mind-Soul Retreat in the
Magaliesberg and it was mind-blowing.   Deep, rich and highly
transformational. (See some pics at the bottom of this post).

One of the strongest themes that emerged through the weekend was the
struggle of integrating spirituality, deep awakening and divine energy into our
normal, practical, daily lives.

Consciousness is awakening at higher and deeper levels in humanity right

Spirit is moving and wants to be discovered, explored and expressed.

Spiritual awakenings are more and more common.

We are yearning to live a heart-centered and spiritually-integrated life.

Yet, we currently don’t have a functional model or many examples of how to
live as conscious, heart-centred, divine-centred, intuition-led, human beings
AND still go to work, pay the bills, raise kids and be in relationship.

There was an old model for spirituality:
If you had a spiritual awakening, you would leave the ordinary day-to-day
tasks.  You would leave the tribe to pursue your spiritual life with 100%

You would renounce normal life and depending on your culture you would
become a priest, a shamen, a sangoma, a nun, a guru in a cave.

You would renounce your material possessions, your friends and family, your
work and you certainly wouldn’t be having any sex.   You would dedicate your
life to God.

It’s no wonder that in some cultures a life of spirituality has been seen as a

It makes sense that we are nervous about accessing our full spiritual power if
we believe we have to give up everything else.

But humanity has upgraded since then.  Our technology has rapidly
enhanced, improved and made giant leaps into computers, the internet and
the dawn of AI.

Consciousness has also made massive shifts, but we are still looking to old,
outdated models for how to live our full spirituality.

During the retreat it become evident that many believe that it is an either/or
scenario:   You can live your full spiritual life OR you can live a normal life.

What if you could be in abundance and have both?

We are the generation who needs to create these “new models”, we are the
pioneers in creating Humanity 2.0.

We are the generation that is modeling how to live consciously and live our
full spirituality while still paying the bills.

Here are 5 pointers for integrating your spiritual life:

  • Look inside for the truth and what works for you.
  • Seek out others so that you can have these kinds of conversations and
    feel “normal”.
  • Trust your own inner guidance and wisdom.
  • Be brave and share with others.
  • Give yourself credit for this level of work that you are doing as a

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment below…



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