Waiting or Taking Action?

Waiting is IMPORTANT and is highly underrated as a step in Manifesting your Dreams & Goals and Attracting what you Want.  

We live in a culture that worships “action” and “doing” and “being busy”.

You may even feel guilty if you relax or have times of doing nothing.

People who work with me often say they want freedom, or more space in their lives or more time to do what they love…  

If you want these things too, then learn the manifesting steps and how to incorporate “waiting” to make your life feel more effortless.  

You can start with this quick 5 minute video I have made for you…

In this video, I share

  • The 4 Steps of Manifesting
  • What do you do while you are “waiting”?
  • How to ensure that “waiting” is part of effortless creation

I’d love to hear what you think… Are you good at waiting?  And how would you fill your waiting time? Please Share with me in the Comments Below.




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