Music to Amplify your Manifesting

Do you remember “mixed tapes”? Did you ever receive one? Or make one when you were a teenager for a special someone? 

The “mixed tape” was a compilation of songs that you would record on a cassette tape for a person you had a crush on and wanted to show your affection for. 

It’s with a few butterflies in my stomach I’m giving you this “Mixed Tape” made for you to enhance and Magnify your Manifesting. This compilation you can listen to while on a road trip or anytime when you need a boost.

Music has an amazing ability to shift your vibrational and emotional state.

If you have done any of my Dreams & Goals, Manifesting or Money programs, you’ll know that a key to manifesting is to connect to the higher vibrations of Inspiration, Enthusiasm, Love and Gratitude and music is amazing for helping you do that. So this is the “mixed tape” for amplifying your ability to attract the things you desire and to help you feel good. Except, of course, in this tech age it’s digital…     

Gone are the days of pressing “play and record” at the same time on your tape deck to record the song from the radio.  (Sometimes I miss the simplicity of those days.) You will find the Manifesting Mixed Tape Playlist here >> If you’re a Spotify person use this link >> Music for Manifesting Playlist on Spotify here >> I feel like a gawky teenager giving you this gift.

I’m super excited but also nervous because I’m wondering whether you’re going to like it.   My music taste can be eclectic.  There are 24 songs from different decades and  different music genres.  Some you’ll know well and others you may never have heard before.  

They’ve all helped me connect to more of my power and they will uplift you with their tunes or lyrics or both. Of course, if you have songs that you love for lifting your mood and helping you be a conscious creator and increase your vibration, I’d LOVE to hear what they are.   

Please reply in the COMMENTS below and let me know…. It’ll be like you sending me a mixed tape, right back. Enjoy!



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