Your Soul speaks in Symbols + An Unusual Spirit Animal Message

When you think of a Spirit Animal you possibly think of the popular ones like a dolphin, an eagle or a lion.   My Spirit Animal this year is very unusual…

“Animal Totems” or Spirit Animals is the idea that animals come into our lives at the perfect time as Messengers or guides.

I was recently sent some profound messages for my journey through a curious Spirit Animal – the inch-worm!

I’m so excited about it I made this quick 6 minute video to explain it and share the inspiration with you…


This is one of the things that I teach in my programs – how to be open to receiving, recognizing and following the signs and symbols that life sends you in support of your deepest desires.

When you connect in with your soul or Divine Guidance, you tap into a type of support that makes life infinitely easier and more magical.

It’s like “soul-support” or Divine Support. Yet this is probably not something you’ve been taught and you may even struggle to trust your intuition.

Connecting into nature is one of the quickest ways to tap into this soul-support.

Then watch for the signs and symbols that life sends to steer you in the direction of your greatest potential.

I’d love to know from you what Spirit Animals you’ve noticed recently and how you use your intuition, signs, and symbols to guide your life.   Please share in the comments below…



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