Feeling Exhausted? 5 Quick Tips to Shift It…

Are you experiencing the end-of-year exhaustion?
Trying to “push” through?

Over-doing in our society is a very real “disease” and can end up in exhaustion, burn-out and illness.

Before you reach out for another cup of coffee or try to “push” through…

Read this for 5 Quick Ways on how to ease your tiredness and make the last few weeks of 2018 easier and more relaxed.

1. Give yourself Permission to Rest

Here’s your PERMISSION Slip – You have FULL permission to REST!

Feeling “exhausted” is a real sign from your body that you need to slow down and take some time out to rest.  Can you go to bed a little earlier?

Can you rest, slow down, sleep more?
Can you give yourself a gift of some afternoon naps this weekend?

Can you give yourself permission to “take the foot off the gas” and rest a bit?


2.  Before you reach for the extra cup of coffee –  Breathe!

Breath is the most natural and most effective revitalizer.

If you are feeling lethargic and tired, take 1 minute to do some deep breathing – in and out.

Do it now for 1 minute and notice how you feel.  It can be that simple!


3. Say NO to those “extra” things are overwhelming you.

Give yourself permission to say no.   Don’t take on more.


4. Gentle Exercise

Not boisterous, pushing exercise – just a gentle walk or a relaxed yoga class.

Do something that gets your body moving and releases endorphins but doesn’t require more energy than you currently have.


5.  A Short Meditation for Relaxation

Here’s a Quick – only 7 minutes – Guided Meditation for Relaxation that you can use to de-stress, calm down and find some inner peace.

This will help immensely and my voice will guide you through it, so there is nothing you need to do but lie back and relax. Please be kind and gentle with yourself over the next few weeks. If you are tired, Rest, Rest, Rest!  Your exhaustion doesn’t serve you or anyone else.

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