You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith!

Over the past week, I’ve shared with you the first 2 Magic Ingredients for making your Dreams and Goals happen.

They were:

Magic Ingredient 1: Creating out of Ease and Okayness
(rather than creating out of dissatisfaction or a sense of lack)
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Magic Ingredient 2: Dream BIG
(instead of doing  SMART goals, create Wildly Improbable Goals)
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Magic Ingredient 3: Have Faith

Faith is the KEY ingredient to having your Dream come true and realising your Goal.

Faith is the EXPERIENCE that no matter what is happening in REALITY (and no matter what your perception of it is), that EVERYTHING is serving you for the best. All circumstances are putting you in line for you to experience your BIG Goal.

It is one thing to KNOW what you want and create a BIG Goal (Magic Ingredient 2) It is also normal in the initial stages to get excited about your new goal, to get inspired and revved up. And yet there will be times along your journey of manifesting your Big Goal where you will encounter challenges, things won’t seem to go your way and you’ll encounter fear and doubt.

This is the moment to call on FAITH.

Faith in yourself. Faith in your Goal. Faith in a Higher Power. Faith in Life. Faith in the Divine. Whatever it is that connects you to Faith, this is the moment to connect to it.

NB! Here’s the most important thing I know about dreams and goals
(and as a Fairy Godmother it’s my job to know all about this…)

The only difference between your Vision/ Goal and Reality is TIME!

Most people don’t know this, so when they encounter the first challenge or some fears, they give up.

Most people use REALITY to Measure whether their Goal is happening and coming true.

What you’ve never been taught:

REALITY is the WORST measure of whether your dream and goal is coming true!

That’s why it is called a REALITY TRAP!
Reality keeps you TRAPPED in your current reality and you keep wondering why you aren’t getting anywhere.

Reality not matching up to HOW you think your Goal “should” be manifesting is what makes you give up on the Goal. It is at that moment when you are feeling down or dejected that you need to call on Magic Ingredient 1 again – the Ease and Okayness. Use the Ease and Okayness statement:

“Even though this situation is not ideal

In this moment it’s okay

And in this moment I’m okay”

Once you truly FEEL okay and you’re back to NEUTRAL.
Then reconnect to the Goal (in your mind’s eye) – to the feeling of having achieved it, to the sense of satisfaction, joy, abundance you imagine feeling.

Depending on the circumstances, you may have to do this over and over again to get back into a place of Faith. Magic Ingredient 4 will really help you with this.

So as you consider you Dreams and Goals, remember to Keep your Faith!




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