The 4 Magical Ingredients for your Dream and Goals

There are 4 Magical Ingredients MISSING when most people dream about new possibilities or setting new goals. These 4 ingredients have hardly ever been taught and as a result, most people aren’t successful in achieving their goals. Many people give up on goals altogether.

To start the year off with a BANG, I’ll be posting 1 tip a day over this week, for you to apply to your goals.


Magical Ingredient No 1: Create from a place of EASE/ Okayness


Most people create their dreams and goals from a place of dissatisfaction and dis-ease.

HINT: There is NO power in creating out of dissatisfaction.

In my work as a Fairy Godmother I see this often.

Someone will say: “I’m sick of being broke/ in debt, I need to have a goal for more money. I want to earn R 1 million this year”.

Or another person will say: “I don’t want to be single anymore, my goal is to meet my soul-mate.”

Or another will comment: “I hate my boss and am unhappy in my job. My goal is to be a freelancer”.

Most people are using their goals to FIX or Change something they are unhappy about.

When you are in dissatisfaction or unhappiness about an area or situation in your life, it is like you are driving in reverse in a car. You actually want to be moving forward but because of the dissatisfaction, you are moving backwards.

That’s why for many people life feels like 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards.

If you are driving in reverse and you really want to be moving forward, what is the first thing you would need to do?

You’d need to STOP, right?

STOP = Awareness and Realization you are driving in reverse. The realization you are dissatisfied and unhappy.

The next step is to change gears.

The gear you would slip the car into would be NEUTRAL, before putting it into first gear. (Even if you are in neutral for only a split second)

NEUTRAL gear = Ease and Okayness.
e.g. Being at Ease and Okay with “What Is”.

Here’s my most MAGICAL tool in my Fairy Godmother Magic Briefcase. It is one simple sentence for getting into Ease and Okayness:

Say to yourself:

“Even though this situation is not ideal

In this moment it’s okay

And in this moment, I’m okay”

You may need to say this sentence over and over again to yourself until you connect to the truth of it in that moment.

Once you’ve got to this space of Ease. Once you’re in Neutral. You can create your goals.



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