Magic Ingredient 4: Gratitude

Much has been written about Gratitude as a practice:

Oprah has suggested you keep a Gratitude Journal. You may have heard of keeping a “gratitude stone” or “counting your blessings” or an “Attitude of Gratitude”.

What is it about Gratitude that makes it a Key Ingredient of living your best life and helping you realise your goals?

Gratitude ignites your sense of Abundance:

Your feeling of what you HAVE rather than focusing on what you lack or what is missing or your problems. When you have a Big Goal (Magic Ingredient 2)  and you are excited and ignited about it, it is normal to get caught in “The Gap”. The Gap is noticing the distance between your Big Goal and where you are now and focusing on how far away it is.

Gratitude is a powerful practice to keep you enjoying the journey, rather than becoming fixated on the goal.

Earlier this week I shared with you about Magic Ingredient 3 – Having Faith. Gratitude ties to this beautifully. When you experience gratitude and abundance you can access that feeling of Faith too!

One of the Masters said: “To those who have, more will be given. To those who have not, more will be taken away.”

He was referring to those who have a feeling or vibration of “Havingness” will receive more versus those people who have a feeling of “lack” or “not having” they will experience even more lack.

It is Simple:

What you Focus on, you Attract.

If you focus on what you have, what you’re grateful for and your abundance. You will attract more abundance.

So here’s a quick exercise to do now (and every day this year).

Make a list of 10 things (or 100) starting with the words “I Have…”


“I have 10000 people reading this email”
“I have amazing work that makes an impact on the world”
“I have a wonderful partner who loves me deeply”
“I have a cute car that gets me from A to B”

Notice the feeling that creates. And then say Thank You!

Thank You for reading my Fairy Godmother emails, for following my work and for wanting to live a deeper, fuller, better life.

I appreciate you!



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