Don’t be SMART with your Goals – Here’s why…

Yesterday I shared with you the first of the 4 Magical Ingredients when creating your Goals for this year, which is getting out of dissatisfaction and into Ease and Okayness.

If you missed it read it HERE.

Magical Ingredient Number 2: Dream BIG!

In my Dream and Goals with Soul Program I help and coach people to come up with their WIG – their Wildly Improbably Goal. This is a goal that ignites you, delights you and excites you (and terrifies you) all at the same time!

Many participants in the program have never thought about a Wildly Improbable Goal before; in fact most of them don’t know what they want.

Most Goal-Setting programs teach you to set SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Based goals.

SMART goals suck and they don’t work!

The words “Achievable” and “Realistic” in the SMART acronym mean that we make these goals really small and BORING.

Bottom line:

Setting Goals and living your Dreams has got NOTHING to do with being REALISTIC!!!

Consider anyone who has ever done anything GREAT or Amazing, do you think their goals were realistic?

When Nelson Mandela and his colleagues came up with a “Goal” of a Free and Fair, Democratic South Africa at the time was that realistic – No Way!

The Wright Brothers weren’t realistic when they dreamed of flying. (And yet they flew!)

Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet Michaelangelo has a wonderful quote:

“The greatest danger for human beings is not that we aim too high and miss. But that we aim too low and reach it!”

Make THIS year the year you STRETCH yourself into your Wildly Improbable Goals.

This is one of the reasons I have such amazing results from people who do my Dreams and Goals with Soul Program:

Nicola Davidson who lost 37 kg’s and is now empowering other people to do the same through her witty Blog and Facebook Group


Ingrid Irsigler who went from being a graphic designer to now doing fashion photography and in 2014 spent 3 weeks in France with 12 of the most famous and fabulous fashion photographers in the world; an opportunity of a lifetime!


Alida who tripled the turnover of her Interior Decorating Business last year.


Charmain Lines who wrote and published her first book and went on a 3-month trip around Ireland to research her second book.


Yahmita Bhana achieved her dream of climbing Kilimanjaro (and she did it while being 8 weeks pregnant!)


Gary Graham who has bought land on an island to run his new Deep-Sea Fishing Business.

When you Dream Big, Big Results happen!

When you create a WIG from a place of Inspiration and Desire, you automatically expand yourself and your life.

This week I’ll be posting the 3rd and 4th Magical Ingredient about making your BIG Goal happen.

I’d LOVE to take you through a process of getting you clear on your Dreams, Goals and Vision for your Life and the practical tools to make it happen.




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