My story

A story of Re-invention:  From Caterpillar to Fairy Godmother

There is nothing like a journey to create space and time for reflection and re-creation. That is how my A-ha moment was born: with a journey.

Before the journey I was running a marketing business in Cape Town, South Africa and while the business was doing well and while I was living the so called “successful life”  – complete with boyfriend, beautiful apartment and thriving business – I would drive to work in the mornings thinking “Is this it? Is this what my life is really all about?”.  I had a sense of lack of purpose, lack of meaning in my life – a feeling that there was something missing.

Within 6 months of feeling this way, I received an offer to buy my business and after selling the company, I decided to take a sabbatical.   I had always wanted to travel around South America and to learn how to speak Spanish.  Little did I know that just before my 30th Birthday I would embark on a trip that would irrevocably transform my life forever.  In South America I reflected in rainforests, wrapped my tongue around a new language, meditated on mountains and partied on the beaches of Brazil.

But it was in Argentina that my metamorphosis experience happened, on a night bus between the cities of Cordoba and Mendoza.

Argentina is shaped like a very long wedge. It is 3 650 km from its head to the tip of its toes that wiggle in the current where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans kiss like long-lost lovers. Due to expensive air travel and the extensive distances between cities, the Argentine bus companies have innovated the cama seat, the most luxurious mode of bus travel. It is like an old-style business class airline seat that reclines almost horizontal. They even have a bus host who serves little snacks and sparkling wine with the mandatory service-trained smile. I was on a bus, and as night fell I snuggled down in my comfy seat with my tummy filled by the chocolaty delicacy of an alfajor and fell into the blissful sleep of a weary traveller.

I woke up with a start, as if my face had been splashed with water. However it was not the cold dampness of water on my skin but rather the gushing rush of one thought flowing through my mind that caused my body to become alert. The thought kept repeating itself: ‘I’ve got to write. I’ve got to write.’ Without a moment’s hesitation I leaned down and fished in my little rucksack to find my travel journal and a pen. ‘I’ve got to write. I’ve got to write.’ It was becoming more urgent. In the dark, my fingers relished the adventure of discovering the little light switch. Words scribbled themselves onto the page, chasing each other like school-kids in a game of kiss-catch. The words flowed through me into the ink, as if my mind wasn’t present. The words were forming themselves onto the page. All sorts of things were flowing out, questions, answers, observations about my life, instructions. It felt like I was vomiting myself up on the page – a cathartic outpouring. The pace of my scrawling varied like a symphony – at times with the furious allegrissimo and at other times following the gentle flow of a lilting lullaby. Over the course of a few hours my hand was guided to write over 50 pages and finally, in the crescendo of the grand finale,  the purpose of my life was revealed.

It was in that moment of vision and purpose, in the throes of divine inspiration that flowed through my body onto the white page in front of me, that I felt connected. I knew this was a big A-ha moment, an epiphany of sorts. I felt incredible, expanded, buzzing. I felt the enormous potential of the Universe inside my chest. I became hyper-sensitively aware of all my senses – my breathing and my awe. I looked around the bus like a newborn baby, taking everything in slowly, savouring this new feeling and appreciating it. That night I had experienced a rebirth and this was the first dawn, the first day of the rest of my magical and extraordinary life.

It was the feeling in my body and soul that made me realise this was a significant moment and turning point for me, because if I had listened to my mind I would have squashed the idea immediately. Having spent time exploring this new world around me through the wonder-filled eyes and acute senses of a child, I stared down at my travel journal and read the last two paragraphs outlining my purpose. ‘Are you crazy?’ my inner voice chattered ‘That’s bizarre! Ha, ha, ha what nonsense you’ve been writing.’

I felt so amazing and so filled up by purpose. For once I decided to listen to the feelings in my body rather than the voice inside my head that had begun to yell out wild obscenities in an attempt to get my attention.

As human beings able to create our own realities, there is not only power in our thoughts, but there is immense energy in our language and there is real power when we take action. I knew I needed to take immediate action, before this experience became relegated to living a poor, neglected existence between some pages of a travel journal. I decided to take a brave step by declaring my vision to all the people in my life. The thought of this made me feel very nervous, but my body and soul knew it was necessary.

The bus rolled through the waking winelands and into the center of Mendoza. I went directly to the nearest internet café and before I could renege on my promise to myself, I quickly typed out an email. It said:

To the amazing people in my life

Last night on a long bus ride through Argentina, I had an epiphany – which I am completely compelled to share with you, as you are a person who has touched my life and who I have learnt lessons from on this journey.

Sending this email is a real test of courage for me (particularly as a group email). I am generally afraid to share myself so unabashedly, blatantly and unashamedly but what I have realised is that if I do not share this idea with you right now then it has the possibility of withering, shrivelling up and being killed by my own insecurities and silly fears. This idea has touched, moved and inspired me in such a way that it is unacceptable and impossible for me not to share it – despite my deep-seated fears about what you might think of me or this email.

This is my epiphany and My Stand in the world –

I AM A FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS AND MAGICAL FAIRY GODMOTHER with the power to manifest and create anything I wish. And this power I have, I wish to share with others and use for making a difference in other people’s lives. One person at a time.

My deepest wish and dream and the purpose of my life (that makes my soul sing with delight) is to connect with others, and make a difference by sharing my magic, dreams, wishes and inspirations and to help others believe in the power, magic and beauty of their dreams.

My name is Donna Margaret McCallum and this is who I am!

My request is for your support of me fulfilling this purpose in my life.

Thank you for having touched my life.



P.S. Serendipity!

P.S.S. And if any of you want your 3 wishes granted, I am the woman to speak to!

I ticked everyone, 423 people, in my email address list. With my heart pounding and the sound of fear ringing in my ears, I clicked Send. I felt exhausted but amazing. I logged off and went for breakfast.

For me, the act of sending the email was a simple act of courageous declaration. It was an act to overcome the initial fear that nipped at my heels as the inspiration was conceived. It was to get my purpose out of me and into the world, so it could gather a life of its own rather than be controlled by my fear-based ego. I did not send the email to get responses, but as you can imagine, I did receive some very interesting responses.

From those thinking I had been sampling the narcotics in South America;  to those who didn’t quite get it; to those who were really supportive.

Over the next few days the responses and supportive words caused my Spirit to soar. The cynical or conservative responses shouted louder, however, and made my ego tremble with the concern about ‘What do people think of me now?’ Isn’t it amazing how a tiny grain of negativity in a desert of support can cause us to doubt ourselves and waver?

On the dawn of 20 October 2005, I had a soulful experience that would impact me and change the course of my life completely. Since then I have travelled a journey that has been nothing short of extraordinary.

As a Fairy Godmother I now help other people find their purpose and have their “A-HA moment”. Over the last few years it has been a privilege to help thousands of people around South Africa, Europe and the USA get clear on their dreams and goals and then support them to make it happen.    I am living the life of my dreams. It is the FINEST way to live a life


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