I made a deal with a city… and I returned to celebrate

Bariloche, in Argentina, is a picturesque, chocolate box town. It overlooks a massive lake while the snow-covered peaks of the magnificent Andes circle the inhabitants like guardians watching over their lives.

It is here I began to explore my inner magic as a Fairy Godmother (11 years ago).
It is here inspiration flowed through me with the process for my Dream Mapping and Goal Setting workshops (10 years ago).
It is here I wrote my first book (8 years ago).

Bariloche is a place where I connect to magic, creativity and inspiration. My energy vibrates at the same frequency as this city and opens me up to greater possibility and my imagination soars like a condor.

I have been often. It is a wellspring that I dip into, to fill myself up.

In 2010 I was visiting Bariloche for another filling-up, inspiration skinny-dip and something odd happened.

I felt lonely.
Really, really lonely.
I had never felt that kind of deep, gut-wrenching loneliness before.

I allowed myself to feel it:  I wept. I analysed it. I journaled.  I shared it with my community. I sang sad songs as I skied down mountains.

It was clear.  What I really wanted was a playmate, someone whom I could truly share myself and my life with.

And one afternoon, during a snow storm, I stood on a balcony in Bariloche and bellowed into the wind and negotiated a deal with this place of magic:

“I will not return to this place until I have my playmate, lover and life-sharing partner to return with.  However long it takes.”

Last month I returned to Bariloche, with my wonderful partner at my side.  As a pilgrimage, a celebration, to seal the deal that I made 6 years ago, that has manifested into the most marvellous reality.

When your dreams come true, it is important to celebrate them, acknowledge them and close the loop on the magic.

Too often we “Ask” the Universe for something and when it arrives we hardly acknowledge it, instead we are so focused on the next wish or goal, we forget about the preciousness of this old desire that has come to fruition.

In manifesting, completion is as important as the “asking”, just like harvesting is as important as sowing seeds. Which is why in rural ages there would always be a harvest festival, a celebration of the fruit that has ripened.

For 20 days I celebrated.
I rejoiced in life; revelled in our ability as human beings to create what we want.
I praised magic and applauded myself.
I celebrated Geoffrey.
I sat in deep reverence of our sacred relationship.
I honoured nature.

And most of all I was deeply grateful for being able to bring this one magical loop of manifesting to a celebrated completion and begin a new one.



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