Stressing about money is like smoking

March 2014.
I was in deep fear.

It was the end of the month, sales in my business had been less than expected and I was worrying about how all my business bills would be paid.

That fear “monster” in my head was relentless. He would paint doom-and-gloom scenarios of the future.

The trouble was that it wasn’t just that month.
The last week of every month the “Money Stress Monster” would jump up and down and create anxiety for me.

Even if it was a fantastic month of sales, the Money Stress Monster would whisper “But what about next month?”

Until I had a huge realization:

This is a HABIT.

This monthly money anxiety is a nasty habit, like smoking.

So I made a choice:  To say NO to the worry ‘habit’.  
And to focus instead on all the things that were successful, fabulous and going right.

It didn’t work every month.
There were some months I slipped back into the “worry” habit.
Yet, because of the awareness I would “catch” it and say:  “No, I’m not going to worry. I’m going to focus on my vision and what I’m creating.”

A Choice: To believe money would support me in all of my dreams and goals.

Now the worry hardly ever comes up.  And on that odd occasion when it does I actually say out loud “I’m not smoking!”

Since 2014 my business has grown beautifully and this year, I’m about to hire key staff and grow even more.    Wow!

The biggest reason: I’m no longer “worrying” about money at the end of the month.  I’m focusing on my vision instead.

I have also put proper money systems in place for my business:

I’m clear on my budget and my cashflow and I have a “just in case” savings buffer to cover those months when sales are not up to my expectation.

I know how to work with the money in my business to create stability and ease it’s why I teach my money program for business owners called Financial Flow for Entrepreneurs.

Similarly since 2011 I’ve been teaching people how to get into financial security, stability and confidence with their Personal finances too, with my Money Magic Seminars and my Money Magic 9 week Program.

The first step in shifting your Money situation is to stop the “Money Worry Habit” and focus on what you want instead.


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