From Scarcity to Abundance

How do you move from a Scarcity mentality to Abundance?

Since you were a child you have been “conditioned” into SCARCITY.

You’ve consistently been told that there is not enough….

Not enough TIME  or MONEY or decent men (or women) out there, or good employees, or……… (you fill in the blank)

Abundance and Scarcity has got nothing to do with how much money you have.

Abundance is a FEELING, a BEINGNESS in the world.


I have met people with lots of money who still believe that they don’t have enough and who are fuelled to more through their fear of scarcity.

I have met people with small incomes that are generous and abundant and are at ease with life due to their abundant vibration.

So what is Abundance?


Recently my team and I came up with a revised vision for my Fairy Godmother work in the world and one of our values is Abundance.  We defined it as follows:

Abundance is being fully supported with all the resources you need for EVERYTHING you dream of.

There is an element of faith and trust in the FEELING of abundance.

  • Can you imagine feeling that feeling all the time?
  • That you are fully supported by life to make your WILDEST dreams come true?
  • How would your life be different if you felt that way?

I know that we live in an Abundant Universe and I see evidence of this in my own and my client’s lives ALL the time.

AND I know how easy it is to keep getting trapped in the “Conditioning of Scarcity” that the world keeps “selling” us.

I’m writing this today because this morning I was triggered again into my fear of “there is not enough” and luckily I have the tools to shift out of Scarcity and into Abundance very quickly (within a few hours).

While most people spend their lives trapped in their story and fears and conditioning of scarcity.

One of the KEY areas where the Scarcity story ignites our fears and worries quickest is in the area of money and finances.  That’s why I teach programs and seminars about Money, so that you can learn how to shift into Abundance.

In the meantime, if you want a 13 minute tool to help you tap into the Universal Energy of Abundance, then please download this FREE Golden River of Abundance Meditation.


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