Finding it Hard to Put yourself first?

In my Growing Wings program two of my clients were sharing the following concern:

“Why is it so hard to put myself first?”

“I don’t know why I am so resistant to helping myself?”

If you have this question buzzing in your own life, about your “resistance to helping yourself” or “putting yourself first”… Instead of giving you some answers, let me don my Socratic robes and give you 6 questions to ponder on…

1. Rather than berating yourself for what you are doing or not doing, can you simply be kind and gentle with yourself?

2. Can you accept yourself for all your past choices and your current choices and your future choices?

3. Can you honour each aspect of your self – mind, body and soul – by simply bringing your awareness to each aspect and asking what it needs in this moment? (Rather than feeling you have to adhere to regimes/ disciplines or practices, which only make you feel upset when you don’t do them.)

4. Can you connect to the fun, playfulness and game of life that your soul is here to experience? Can you break out of the seriousness and stress that is the epidemic of our time?

5. Can you recognise in yourself the Divine Perfection of the Universe swirling through you and playing out through your life? (This doesn’t mean you have to “do anything” to be perfect, but rather that you are inherently perfect because you are an expression of Life).

6. Can you experience there is nothing to “DO” or that you “have to do” but rather that simply focusing the soft light of loving awareness on yourself is enough and the inspired action will automatically flow from there?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, answers and even more questions – please share below.



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