Brexit: Lessons in Manifesting

As a South African living miles away from the United Kingdom, I only heard about Brexit 4 weeks ago. My boyfriend and I then spent 2 hours Googling and researching Brexit and its implications. We merrily discussed the pros and cons of staying or going, without having any attachment to the result.


My final comment 4 weeks ago was:

“Well, if you call it Brexit, we already know what the outcome will be.”

It was pretty clear to Geoff and I that the naming of this campaign would CREATE the outcome.

By having the word EXIT in the name, rather than the campaign being called “Bremain” or “Brin” is crucial to the result that manifested into reality.

Now to a hard-core student of politics or economics that may sound woo-woo, but stay with me, the metaphysical is normally more powerful that anything in the physical.

What happened with Brexit last Friday highlights 2 key Laws of Manifesting

1.    What we focus on we attract

Mother Teresa was very clear on this law of manifesting, she said:

“I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”

She knew that a campaign that is anti or against something actually firmly entrenches that thing rather than alleviates it.


Because we are focusing on that thing – on the problem – and when we focus on the problem we attract more of the problem. When we focus on the solution, we attract more of the solution.

So campaigns such as
Stop Rape or End Racism or Zuma must fall or the War on Terror.
exacerbate the problems rather than helping or dissolving them.

Last year I was invited to be a paid, guest speaker at an Anti-Cancer Fundraising event. I declined, for the reason that I would only be a speaker at an event that was promoting wellness rather than focusing on a disease. I don’t want to give any energy or focus to a problem or a disease. I only choose to focus on the solution or the ease.

2.    Our words create our worlds

Words have incredible power. Words consist of vibration and sound that resonate at an energetic frequency.

As the whole universe is simply energy, words actually create the very reality that surrounds us.

Some religious texts of the world say that God spoke the world into existence.

Words don’t only create the universe but also our lives and our reality. Without words, a thought can never become a reality. Without words an idea can never gain traction or momentum.

The sound, vibration and resonance of the manifesting plane (some call it the Universe or Life) DOESN’T know the difference between “No to Brexit” or “Yes to Brexit”, all it hears is Brexit. And the vibration and frequency of the energy of that word is clear: Britain is exiting the EU.

Life DOES know the difference between say “No to Trump” or “Yes to Clinton”.

No matter who you support, the word Trump has a different vibration and frequency to the word Clinton. Life knows the difference and it will manifest whichever you choose to focus on. Whether you are choosing to focus on it positively or negatively makes no difference.

You are creating your life, your country, your world and your reality every single moment through the words you think and the words you speak.

Be very aware about

  • What you are focusing on and
  • The words you are using in the world to create – are they creating what you want or what you don’t want?

If you say:

I wish I was out of debt – life only hears the word “debt”.
Instead say:  I wish all my accounts were fully paid off.

If you say:

I am so fed up with having this flu and always being sick – the focus is on the sickness.
Instead say:  I am focusing my attention on wellness, health and vitality.

Brexit has very little emotional charge for me. I know for some of you reading this you are scared, frustrated, upset or stressed out.   Instead of focusing on the “drama” and uncertainty created mainly by the media, can you choose what you DO want instead:

  • A country where we are connected by our humanness and our similarities.
  • A country where people feel economically empowered.
  • A country where people are educated and socially empowered.
  • A country where there are opportunities for all.
  • A society that welcomes all perspectives and is able to find space for them all.
  • A society where love, compassion, kindness and gentleness is the underlying connector.

And focus on that.

This is a vision to hold, no matter which country you find yourself in.

Thank you Britain for making it so clear.

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