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My 4 Important Lessons from 2017

17-12 4 Important Lessons

Over the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of Reflection about 2017. Recently I did the Reflection Webinar to take you through this powerful process. Last night on my Master Manifesters call (which is a small, invite-only group of extraordinary people who I coach) each individual in the group shared their successes,…

Another 3 Steps to shift you out of being Stuck {Part 2}

Another 3 Steps to shift you out of being Stuck {Part 2}

Another 3 Steps to Shift You Out of Being Stuck {Part 2}  Stuck? Last week I shared with you the first 3 steps to shift out of being stuck… They were… Step 1 – Become Aware that you Stuck (and in a negative space) Step 2 – Be Kind and Gentle with yourself Step 3…

Stuck? 6 Steps to Shift yourself… {Part 1}

Stuck? 6 Steps to Shift yourself... {Part 1}

Stuck? 6 Steps to Shift yourself… {Part 1} Stuckness. That icky, gooey, “help-I’m-moving-through-treacle” feeling. We ALL get stuck at times; experiencing slumps and troughs. Those times when it feels like NOTHING is happening. You are in the forest and have completely lost your way. The path of your dreams seems like a faint memory. Fear,…

The Chinese Curse + crazy world events… and what you can do about it.

The Chinese Curse for Web

The Chinese Curse: “May you live in interesting times…” 2016 – Interesting times. The past decade – Interesting times. (No matter where in the world you live). On the eve of the US election results, as external events get more and more “interesting” and rollercoaster-ish, I ask myself: “What can I do to stay centered, grounded,…

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