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Let’s Celebrate!

Fairy Dust 1

The Fairy Godmother is about to go celebration crazy. Because it’s almost 7 years since she became a Fairy Godmother! She is offering one month membership to the Conscious Creators Community for ONLY $1, to the first 100 people who apply. But that’s not all, she will also be giving away over R1000 worth of…

Power of Persistence


In this series of the 5 Keys to Living your Dreams, we’ve already examined the first 2 P’s Purpose and Passion and this is the 3rd PERSISTENCE. (Whatever you do, don’t give up on your dreams and goals!) Please leave your comments about the video below (If you like this video please share it –…

Are you feeling Lonely? You are not Alone!


For hundreds of thousands of years human beings have lived in tribes. We hunted and gathered together; cooked and raised children together; we played, danced, grieved and shared together.    Life was infused with a sense of belonging, collaboration and real community. Fast forward to today:  we live as small isolated units – either as a…

Igniting your Passion


Passion is the 2nd Key Trait for making your Dream and Goals come true. When you are passionate, excited and enthusiastic about your life you automatically attract amazing things to you. In this video The Fairy Godmother, shares some tips and tricks on how to ignite your passion. Please leave a comment below about what…

Finding your Purpose


This week we are looking at the First P in the 5 P’s of Living your Dreams, which is PURPOSE Do you know what your purpose is? Need some tips to find it? Watch this short video (only 2 minutes) for my Fairy Godmother tips and tricks to finding your Purpose. Please leave a comment…

5 Keys to Living your Dream Life


Want to live the life of your dreams? Here are the 5 KEY elements that ensure that you are successful at reaching your highest potential Please comment below on these 5 key s or what you think any other essential elements might be. (If you like this video please share it – facebook, twitter, pintrest…

Jealousy – 2 Simple Tips to Kill that Green Monster

Dear Fairy Godmother A friend has just achieved the dream that I have for myself and I’m so jealous! All the pieces are falling into place for him, all the pieces I want for myself. And they’ve come to him so effortlessly (he even prides himself on being “lazy” — go figure!) I know I…

Lessons on Manifestation out of Heartbreak

Four weeks ago I broke up with a beautiful man and for the last month I have been going through the tumultuous emotions of heartbreak, sadness, deep gratitude, longing and gentleness. I couldn’t believe it didn’t work out! This man was “it”. He was “the list”. In April 2011, I wrote a list of what…

5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter is a time for going inwards, our energy diminishes and our mind becomes more introspective. Our bodies naturally follow the seasonal cycle of the “death-time”, so it is natural to feel more lethargic and for your outlook to be heavier. For some, the urge to hibernate, can turn into “winter blues”. So if you…

Make 2012 your BEST year yet!

Make 2012 your best year yet

Better than New Year’s Resolutions! Get clear on what you want for 2012 and then create it! This FREE 30 minute Audio Program is a guided visualisation technique to help you get clear and create your dreams and goals for 2012. I (your Fairy Godmother) will then share with you some tips and tricks on…

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