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Want to make 2016 your Best Year Yet?

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Money Magic

Want to experience financial ease and abundance?

Want to stop worrying about paying the bills at the end of the month?

(I remember the feeling and it is really yuck!)

As your Fairy Godmother, I want to help you create MONEY MAGIC in your life.

In 2011, I started running my 12 week Money Magic Program and have now had over a thousand people do the program and shift their relationship to money and achieve amazing results…. here are what a few of them have to say

“Not only am I learning about money, but I’m stepping outside of myself and learning about me.  Big changes in my view of money & myself”

“I have had such a shift that I got a R8000.00 increase on my salary!!! Whohooo!!!! My affirmation came true and it only took 3 weeks!!!!”

“I never thought I’d be the kind of person who likes to do money things, but I find that I’m excited about planning and organising and managing. A breakthrough!”

As your Fairy Godmother, I am committed to getting you educated and EMPOWERED in the area of money, so that you can live your DREAM LIFE and achieve your goals.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Understand how money works and how to make it work for you
  • Get out of debt
  • Increase your ability to attract and make money
  • Learn the tools for empowered money management
  • Stop the behavior patterns that keep landing you in financial stress
  • Be wealthy

Money Magic is an ONLINE program – so anyone from any city in the world can do it!

Anina “Learning more and more about my perceptions about money every day. Since the time I read the module on the 10% saving I’ve been doing it every month and there certainly has been a shift in my life around money. I almost didn’t believe it – I got a letter from work today – They gave me more shares. Was a huge surprise and a sign that the money energy is starting to flow. Yay!!!!!!” – Anina Els – Johannesburg

Watch the video below to understand your relationship to money


By the end of the 12 week Money Magic Program you will…

  • Understand your current behaviours and patterns with money
  • Be clear on your current financial status
 and where your money goes
  • Learn budget tips and how to budget effectively (so that it doesn’t frustrate and constrain you)
  • Start managing and decreasing your debt (if you have any)
  • Start saving (and learning about investing)
  • Set financial goals that inspire you
  • Learn about how money works
  • Know how to manage your money and personal finances
  • Be empowered in the area of money, your finances and creating wealth

Most importantly during the 12 weeks you will be APPLYING all this learning into your life and seeing amazing results as you practice building your solid relationship with MONEY. If you apply all the steps, you will experience Money Magic!

During the program you will have:

  • A weekly module to work through
  • Weekly money exercises to apply into your life
  • Weekly feedback to monitor your successes and results (and keep you accountable)
  • Support of the group that is currently on the program
  • 3 x 90 minute coaching webinars with the Fairy Godmother

You should NOT do this program if:

  • You are not prepared to spend about 3 – 4 hours a week on the program (30 – 40 minutes a day)
  • You want to stay in the same financial position you are in now
  • You are not serious about the program
  • You do not have access to the internet

Because of the incredible demand for this course, The next “Money Magic” starts Monday 2 November 2015, I am running another 12 week Money Magic program to transform your relationship with money.  And I would LOVE to have you on it.

Now, chances are that if you don’t have a good relationship with money at the moment, then you don’t have much money to spend on this program.   It is a crazy Catch 22 situation!

I want to make it really affordable for you, but the fee needs to respect both of our time investments (mine and yours),  honour the value of the program (and the work  that  I have put into creating the weekly modules, the videos and the webseminars), the financial return you’ll receive from this program, and deep changes you’re about to experience in your life.

However I still want to make it really affordable for you.

I want you to begin creating your own Money Magic NOW. And I want to make it easy.

The price of the 12 week Money Magic program is R2700 (About $230) for 12 weeks.
(That’s only about R30 a day to shift your relationship to money…. around what you would spend on a good cappuccino)

And because I REALLY want you to do this program and get out of financial stress…. you can pay R1000  (about $100 per month) over 3 months!

Please Note:  This program is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.  It is a program to teach you wealth building tools and skills for you to use to build wealth over the rest of your life!

If you want to transform your relationship to money once and for all, then book NOW.

The next “Money Magic” starts Monday 2 November 2015


There are two payment methods (to make it affordable for you) – either a once off payment of a monthly payment over 3 months.

Once off payment                           – R2700 for 12 week program   ($230)
Monthly payment                           – R1000 per month x 3 months   ($85)

PLEASE NOTE: All members of the Flow Experiment have free access to this program

Join the Program NOW!

If you have any questions about the program you would like to ask before signing up, please email us on or call us on + 27 84 207 0202

“My Successes during this program:  I have received more business. I have tripled my income in the last month! I also got contracted to handle interpretations for a major international NGO.  I have also cut my expenses helping me to save more money and feel more financially secure.” – Waldir, Durban

“I started the course with 4 credit cards and a fat overdraft and zero savings. Now a mere 3 weeks after the course, I have managed to pay off all 4 credit cards, cut them up, pay off my overdraft and have R12,000 saved. I think 99% of the success is due to a changed attitude towards money, and treating it with the respect it deserves.”  -   Gerda, Johannesburg

“Lucky for me that I’m doing the Money Magic course! I’ve started to think and speak differently, to see money as A GOOD THING!! My mood (about everything, not just money) has lifted and I feel better about ME as well.”



Here’s a little from the Money Magic program that explains the correlation between Self-worth and Net worth and teaches you a trick for increasing your self-worth.


Linda I just want to thank you for sharing “money magic” with people like me. Knowledge is only power if you apply the knowledge and that’s exactly what I have done with the knowledge from your Money Magic. I have managed to
1. close all my clothing accounts
2. consolidate my debt
3. and on 1.08.10 I will be paying the final installment on my last debt I owe. So within a few months (since April) I managed to get rid of all my debt! It’s fabulous – I have my power back. No more worries! The money diary is a gem I will use for the rest of my life!!Next step – savings! I still need to learn how to control my spending better – but I know I can achieve my goals and be a successful “money saving diva” – if I keep on following your guidance.- Linda van Deventer

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