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Magical Questions from a lazy, whispering Ocean

Magical Questions from a lazy, whispering Ocean

I’m a surfer. It is an activity that delights me to the core of my body, mind and soul. Today the waves were big, slow and lazy. Despite looking like they had some juice, they required a huge amount of paddling and very few surfers were catching waves. After 45 minutes I had only caught…

3 Lessons in Flow from My Wisest Teacher

Donna and Lolly

This is Lolly. She is a cherub-faced, cheeky Guru who embodies 3 core Flow Foundations. Lesson 1: Being present Lolly is four years old and she lives in the moment. She hardly remembers yesterday. She doesn’t really think about tomorrow and next week is a concept she can’t even comprehend. She knows I’m old. When…

Success was my Heroin

I used to crave success. That external thing outside me that would validate me, make me feel worthy. That potent potion that would make everything feel ‘good and okay’. In my 20’s my pursuit of success led me into the dark alleys of a workaholic. It took me down the rabbit-hole of struggle. You have to…

Seriously, do this Reflection

On the 31st of December every year I do a deep Reflection Process. It is one of my most sacred and powerful rituals. It provides incredible learning, growth and helps me create the year ahead. Now is the PERFECT time to look back on the past year and reflect on what worked for you in…

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