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Is TV Killing your Dreams?


Television is a dream killer. Simple. How much you watch, is a big indicator as to whether you’ll achieve your dreams and goals. The more you watch, the less likely you are to succeed. On my 12 week Growing Wings program in Week 4 we focus on the Mind and the Ego and the self-sabotage…

4 Lessons from the Desert about Living YOUR Dreams


For the past 6 years Afrika Burn – an amazing arts, creativity and consciousness festival held in the Karoo – is where I annually fill up my energy. It is a wellspring of creativity, connection, delight and a vision of what is possible when people give their gifts, explore their creative potential and live abundantly….

I was Sick and Tired…

I was pretty sick. I was exhausted. Sick and exhausted. So I slept for a few days and rested. And after a few days, I picked myself up out of bed and tried to be normal and carry on, because in our society/in our culture/in my head it really isn’t acceptable/ permissible/ normal (you choose…

Magic Ingredient 4: Gratitude

Much has been written about Gratitude as a practice: Oprah has suggested you keep a Gratitude Journal. You may have heard of keeping a “gratitude stone” or “counting your blessings” or an “Attitude of Gratitude”. What is it about Gratitude that makes it a Key Ingredient of living your best life and helping you realise…

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