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Voice of Sanity vs. Voice of Love

On a Coaching Call recently, one of my clients said “Thank you for being the voice of sanity.” I replied: “I really hope I’m not a voice of sanity, this world is so insane, I trust I am a voice of love’… “Sanity” and our culture’s worship of the rational, practical “mind” has created a…

Morocco’s Lesson in Manifesting your Dreams

I’m currently travelling around Morocco and as one does when becoming immersed in a new culture, I’ve been learning some Arabic and Berber words: “Shukram” = Thank you “Shwia-Shwia” = Slowly Slowly “Meshi Mushki” = No problem There is one phrase that has inspired this email, which is: “Inshallah” – if it is God’s will….

Money Magic Success

I Love my job!  I received this Voicemail last week and my Fairy Godmother heart LIT up Listen to it here In 7 weeks on the Money Magic Program, Karen Thompson, eliminated a debt of R 120 000!!!!!!  Now that’s what I call Money Magic! The 12 Week Money Magic Program is MAGIC – I’ve…

Creating your own Reality despite difficult circumstances

Is there something in your life that you find frustrating or irritating? Something that you don’t like and wish to change? In this video, I share with you a powerful tool for “Re-framing your life” and “Changing the Context” which will shift your reality in an instant. This is a powerful tool I learned while…

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