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Want to make 2015 your Best Year Yet?

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Magic Ingredient 4: Gratitude

Much has been written about Gratitude as a practice: Oprah has suggested you keep a Gratitude Journal. You may have heard of keeping a “gratitude stone” or “counting your blessings” or an “Attitude of Gratitude”. What is it about Gratitude that makes it a Key Ingredient of living your best life and helping you realise…

You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith!

Over the past week I’ve shared with you the first 2 Magic Ingredients for making your Dreams and Goals happen in 2015 . They were: Magic Ingredient 1: Creating out of Ease and Okayness (rather than creating out of dissatisfaction or a sense of lack) More on this Magic Ingredient 2: Dream BIG (instead of…

Don’t be SMART in 2015 – Here’s why…

Yesterday I shared with you the 1st of the 4 Magical Ingredients when creating your Goals for 2015, which is getting out of dissatisfaction and into Ease and Okayness. If you missed it read it HERE Magical Ingredient Number 2: Dream BIG! In my Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshops I help and coach people…

The 4 Magical Ingredients for your Dream and Goals

There are 4 Magical Ingredients MISSING when most people dream about new possibilities or set new goals. These 4 ingredients have hardly ever been taught and as a result most people aren’t successful achieving their goals. Many people give up on goals altogether. To start this year off with a BANG, I’ll be posting 1…

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