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Want to make 2015 your Best Year Yet?

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You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith!

Over the past week I’ve shared with you the first 2 Magic Ingredients for making your Dreams and Goals happen in 2015 . They were: Magic Ingredient 1: Creating out of Ease and Okayness (rather than creating out of dissatisfaction or a sense of lack) More on this Magic Ingredient 2: Dream BIG (instead of…

Don’t be SMART in 2015 – Here’s why…

Yesterday I shared with you the 1st of the 4 Magical Ingredients when creating your Goals for 2015, which is getting out of dissatisfaction and into Ease and Okayness. If you missed it read it HERE Magical Ingredient Number 2: Dream BIG! In my Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshops I help and coach people…

The 4 Magical Ingredients for your Dream and Goals

There are 4 Magical Ingredients MISSING when most people dream about new possibilities or set new goals. These 4 ingredients have hardly ever been taught and as a result most people aren’t successful achieving their goals. Many people give up on goals altogether. To start this year off with a BANG, I’ll be posting 1…

Giver or a Receiver?

This Christmas are you a Giver or a Receiver? (Plus my GIFT for you) Do you believe it is better to GIVE or to RECEIVE? It’s Christmas Season “the time for giving” and most of us were taught that it is better to Give than to Receive and yet the truth is that Giving and…

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