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The What If Game


What if… instead of imagining all the things that could go WRONG, you started imagining all the things that could go right? What if… rather than projecting into your future things that stress you out (or cause worry and doubt), you were instead thinking about the things that you REALLY want, that make you FEEL…

Flow is NOT Laziness or doing Nothing!

Let me be VERY clear here Flow is NOT Laziness Flow is Not the opposite of Action In fact Action that is taken in Flow is the most efficient action that can arise in life – which is why action that comes out of flow feels easy, effortless and natural. Action taken out of Flow…

A DEEPER level of “Doing what you Love”

Today I drew a one of Lisa Steingold’s “Unlocking the Magic Within” cards for my day. I have to share the message with you, because it is so relevant to the Flow Experiment: “Why are you working so hard? Working hard is a tough pattern to release because it is so widely accredited and appraised….

Voice of Sanity vs. Voice of Love

On a Coaching Call recently, one of my clients said “Thank you for being the voice of sanity.” I replied: “I really hope I’m not a voice of sanity, this world is so insane, I trust I am a voice of love’… “Sanity” and our culture’s worship of the rational, practical “mind” has created a…

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