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I Surrender… Surrender is NOT about giving up it is Letting Go Trying to control something (or everything) is behavior born out of Fear. Instead, Let Go. Surrender! Let go of your clinging control, your desperate actions, your commitment to struggle! Relax and slip effortlessly into your True Nature – This Flow of Love. It…

8 Steps for when Relationships get Messy

messy relationships

Let’s face it relationships can get messy quite easily – whether it is a relationship with a friend, a lover, a boss, a colleague, a child or a spouse. We’re all individuals with different expectations, needs, beliefs and behaviours. We all think and hope that everyone will automatically understand our intention, our life view, our…

3 Guiding Principles of Flow

In this 5th and Final Video about “How we started our Flow Experiment” I share with you 3 Key Guiding Principles of Flow 1. Everything is perfect 2. It is ALWAYS the right time 3. Be who you are Comment Below – How would your life look if you were in flow? What were some…

What is Flow?

In this 4th Video on “How we started our Flow Experiment” I share with you more about what Flow is and some concepts like Creating out of Being (not doing) Quality vs Quantity and connecting to your Authentic Self Please Comment Below on your thoughts or questions about Flow If you missed the first 3…

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