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Musings from London

Every time I sit on the runway at Heathrow departing the UK I have the same thought: “If I never come back to this island again, that’s fine!” London has never been my favourite place – the weather is grey (even in summer), the people have blank stares (especially on the underground) and I found…

Finding it hard to put yourself first?

In my Growing Wings program two of my clients were sharing the following concern: “Why is it so hard to put myself first?” “I don’t know why I am so resistant to helping myself?” If you have this question buzzing in your own life, about your “resistance to helping yourself” or “putting yourself first”… Instead…

Are you Brave enough?


Do you wish you were brave enough to give yourself exactly what you want? Creating the Life that you truly want takes: 1. Knowing what you want (or at least being on the quest of finding out what it is) 2. Being BRAVE enough to make it happen Even when your deepest fears or other…

Is TV Killing your Dreams?


Television is a dream killer. Simple. How much you watch, is a big indicator as to whether you’ll achieve your dreams and goals. The more you watch, the less likely you are to succeed. On my 12 week Growing Wings program in Week 4 we focus on the Mind and the Ego and the self-sabotage…

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